PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023

Today, I am also introducing a magic app for all the game players. This app is known by the name PGSharp APK. If you are a perfect game player or game lover, use this app also if you are fond of playing the popular game Pokemon Go. PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023, Then there is the best app you can use for playing your favourite game Pokemon Go. Using PGSharp APK, you can change the live location of your Pokemon avatar on your Android device. Besides these fantastic features, PGSharp APK has many other features that make your gameplay easier.

These features include automatic navigation, custom travel speed, automatic navigation, and fun stick support. In this way, you can catch Pokémon Go without moving anywhere from home. This PGSharp APK latest version is free for download. Despite the limitations of Pokemon Go, you will want to change your location worldwide without moving anywhere. Some advanced features are discovered in the latest version of PGSharp APK. These features are a fast-paced selection and a visual control panel for the gaming console.

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What is PGSharp APK?

PGSharp APK is a beautiful application that resolves all the players’ issues with the Pokemon Go game. Through this game, users can enjoy their favourite Pokemon Go game. PGSharp APK Download is an astonishing app with many unique features, making it more widespread. Through the PGSharp APK, players can share their live location directly through the map. This feature of PGSharp APK saves you time and a lot of money. You need to move or go physically from one place to another to share a live location. The purpose of making the PGSharp APK application is to make your game Pokemon GO easier without any hassle.

With the help of PGSharp APK latest version 2023 download. You can move around the whole world without going anywhere. PGSharp APK has many other great features which you get from this app. PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023, This app helps you bypass the cross limitations produced with the Pokemon GO game. To download and install PGSharp APK, your Android mobile phone must support the Android version of 4.4. Pokemon Go is a game which relies on your GPS and moves your character from one place to another place. But this thing might be irritating. So, only some of the people can do that. Or maybe they want to do something other than that. In this case, the only solution is the PGSharp APK latest version 2023 download. This PGSharp APK helps you to still play the Pokemon game without moving anywhere.

APP Name PGSharp
Latest version 1.117.0
APK Size 293MB
License Free
Developer PGSharp Dev Team

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1. Standalone app

PGSharp is a standalone application that can deal with changing the location. You will not overlook the need to introduce other extra applications for changing areas while playing the PGsharp Pokémon Go Download game


You can automate walking with the auto-walk feature available on PGSharp. By using this great feature, you will want to incubate eggs. You can do it depending on the kilometres you auto-walk each day.


The most brilliant feature of PGSharp APK is that this app offers a map. Using a magnifying glass, this map feature lets you find the best spoofing spots. PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023, You can click on the map screen to teleport or move to different locations, customize your routes, make marks on your favourite site, and check Pokestops and gyms in your current location and where you want to be teleported.

4.Enhanced Throw

Through this wonderful feature of PGSharp APK Latest Version you can throw any type of throw which you want to.

  • Nice: Always a Nice Throw, 20 XP
  • Great: Always a Great throw, 100 XP
  • Excellent: Always an excellent throw, 1000XP


Another fantastic feature you can get out of PGSharp APK New Version is the capacity to teleport magically. This feature permits you to in a split second change your area starting with one spot to the next. At the point when you need to move, starting with one place in a world and then onto the next, this is the best feature to use.

6.Play with a Play stick

Another fantastic feature of PGSharp APK is playing with a play stick. There are some restrictions for the players on the travel speed using PGSharp APK. Through this, you can change your location. You can increase or decrease your travel speed according to your performance level. In travelling, tracking the various animals in Pokemon Go apk is essential. PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023, This magic play stick helps you play games without moving from one place to another. So, these are the only brilliant features which make this PGSharp APK Download New Version more familiar and perfect. Besides the PGSharp, you may want to approach a GPS-based joystick. By using this joystick, you will be able to stimulate development inside the Pokémon Go game.

7.No Rooting

PGSharp APK is not the only spoofing app. The main issue is that all such apps need a requirement. This requirement is to root your Android phone device. Suppose the rooting of an Android phone is done imbalanced or incorrect. Then it may be harmful and can cause damage to your mobile phone device. But the app PGSharp APK is such a great app that it does not need any rooting of devices. You can use this app on your mobile without creating changes. PGSharp APK download provides such an accessible framework that you can play Pokemon Go without any problem.

8.Potential Banning

You should utilize an optional Pokemon record with PG Sharp because mocking applications can get you prohibited. This is becausebecause they are against Pokemon Go’s help, and this has happened to numerous players. So, PGSharp clients are banned, not precisely different players. This is possible because the application doesn’t give you an enormous benefit.

While it appears to be doubtful with this application. It’s as yet really smart to utilize an optional record with this for good measure.


PGSharp APK offers a remarkable feature which is a license. When you Download PGSharp APK 2023 version for the first time. Then you got a free license for almost seven days. After these seven days, you must pay money to use it and enjoy its further excellent services. But the important thing is that you want to be careful in choosing the proper license. Because there are different licenses, and they might need to be clarified. So, you have to read all of them very carefully. And then you need to choose one of them with all the features you expect from this.

Key Features

  • Free to download and use.
  • Option to fake your location.
  • Works well with Download Pokemon Go.
  • Using the map to select the location.
  • Egg hatching is made easier with Auto walk on Pokemon Go.
  • Makes a play for our characters.
  • Use the routes to move automatically.
  • Save the storage space.
  • Use the map to send places by telephone.
  • Can change your walking speed.


  • PGSharp APK download is free to use.
  • This app offers most upgraded features such as Teleporting.
  • You do not need to root your device to install PGSharp.
  • You will be able to modify your location on Pokemon GO with PGSharp.
  • PGSharp APK latest version download is an app which works best with the Pokemon Go without any sort of issue.
  • This app is compatible with Pokemon.
  • Can walk using the fun stick without moving.


  • This app may get banned your primary PTC account.
  • Changing the location can cause ban to your Pokemon Go account.
  • Various confusing licenses.

Alternates of PGSharp APK

  1. iPoGo
  2. SpooferPro
  3. SpooferX
  4. Pokemod
  5. Pokego++


1.Q. What is the minimum Android version you need to have for PGSharp APK?

You need to have at least Android 4.4 for running the PGSharp app. If you do not have this version . Then you need to update your android version. Or also you can use a different app instead of this.

2.Q. How to buy a paid version of PGSharp APK?

First, you need to open the application. Then you have to go through the portion of the License. Now, select the package and click on the buy now button. In this way, you can get the paid version of this marvelous application.

3.Q. Can you use the PGSharp APK on your iPhone?

No, PGSharp APK is not compatible with iOS devices. You can not download or use it on iPhone.

4 Q. Can PGSharp APK and Pokemon Go Together?

Definitely not, as they use the same package so it’s not possible to have pokemon go and Download PGSharp APK on the same device.

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Finally, PGSharp APK is a mind-blowingmind-blowing app and more suitable for players who love the Pokemon game. It is a 100% secure app for Android gadgets without any hassle. You can use this app as an extension; it will help you a lot in different ways. PGSharp APK Download Latest Version 2023, You can download the latest version of this PGSharp APK new version from our website. PGSharp APK has automatic features for the game Pokemon GO, allowing users to play the game along with its limitations.

Through PGSharp APK, you can change your live location with the help of a map around the world without moving from one place to another. It means you can automate your gameplay by catching Pokemon, spinning Pokestops, and hatching eggs without moving to any actual place. The tools of PGSharp APK offer a Pokemon name incubator, hide trainer name and many more others. This is a successful app and highly recommended. So, why are you waiting? Go and download the PGSharp APK new version 2023 and enjoy all of its unique features. And also, share and suggest this fantastic app to your friends and family.